Bastille Metal Works: Zinc or Pewter?

Choosing between Zinc or Pewter

So…what exactly is the difference between Zinc and Pewter?  We get frequent calls from clients not really understanding how to differentiate between the two. The truth is, they have many similar qualities and the confusion is understandable. The choice of one over the other really depends on the overall look you are trying to achieve. Zinc and pewter have distinctive looks…zinc has a more dull, blue-grey color and pewter is more bright and shiny. They also age differently… Zinc will patinate and change hues, reacting to its environment. Pewter also reacts to use but with polish maintains its shiny appearance.

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Bastille Metal Works: Pewter Kitchen Island

Pewter kitchen island top; pewter countertops; zinc countertop

Pewter Island on Mahogany Cabinetry

Bastille Metal Works recently completed this fabulous pewter kitchen island top near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our on-site casting crew designed, crafted and installed the piece for our client. What is unique about this piece is that it has rounded corners which creates a soft, elegant look. In addition, the pewter is installed on top of beautiful dark hard-wood cabinetry which creates a stunning combination. The pewter top was cast in one solid piece with no seams and has an sink integrated into the island and also cast in pewter. This creates not only a visually appealing island top but a fully functional top as well.


zinc countertops

Pewter Kitchen Island with Rounded Edges

Pewter Island Top

Pewter Top with Integrated Sink



Zinc Countertop: New York City

Zinc Bartop

Zinc Countertop Rope Edge Detail

We really do hate to brag but we just can’t help but post our most recent works on our blog…and yes, we do have our favorites. This cast zinc countertop happens to be one of them.  The client requested a cast zinc counter with a custom rope edge profile that we had never done before and wow, is this pretty. The radius really shows off the edging detail. The overall look is clean and classic french zinc. The countertop is polished to a fine, almost mirror finish and has very little patina treatment. It is natural zinc with a simple edge..stunning! (Ok, we so we like to brag..a little!)

Pewter bartop

Zinc Countertop-NYC

Zinc Countertop-Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Zinc bartop

Zinc Bartop: Edge Profile Close-up

Bastille Metal Works recently completed a custom cast Zinc Countertop at the exclusive Frenchmen’s Reserve golf club community, located in prestigioius Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. We are told by management that the zinc bar top is a clubhouse favorite.  It is functional, beautiful while being warm and inviting. As you can see from the photos, the zinc countertop adds to the elegance of the room while not being overpowering.  It is a subtle nod to the namesake of this community.  The edge profile is our Bistro Edge Profile, a favorite among our clients who  like the old world authentic french zinc look. The finish is a medium polish with a light patina treatment.

photos by: Sean Michael Photography


Zinc bartop

Zinc Bartop: An eye-level view

Zinc Bartop

Zinc bars: A re-emerging design trend

Zinc Bartop

Zinc bartops exude elegance and warmth

Bronze Countertop: Hamptons, New York

Bronze Countertop

Stunning Cast Bronze Countertop

This one-of-a-kind custom bronze countertop was hand-crafted by our traveling casting crew. They braved the harsh winter of New York in January and February and the finished product is absolutley a work of art. This piece was crafted for a client in the Hamptons. It is a two-tiered bar top with a simple and elegant edge profile. We are very proud of the finished look!

Bronze Countertop Edge Profile

Wedding Cake Edge Profile in Bronze

Bronze Countertop Drink Rail

Integrated drink rail in bronze

Bronze Countertop Edge Profile

Rich colors of bronze will patina further over time

Bronze Countertop Foot Rail

Handmade custom bronze foot-rail completes the look